In Windows, the US-International Keyboard allows one to easily type the following special language and other characters:

¡ ² ³ ¤ € ¼ ½ ¾ ‘ ’ ¥ × ä å é ® þ ü ú í ó ö « » ¬ á ß ð ø ¶ ´ æ © ñ µ ç ¿ ¹ £ ÷ Ä Å É Þ Ü Ú Í Ó Ö ¦ Á § Ð Ø ° ¨ Æ ¢ Ñ Ç

us internationalkeyboard big for printing

Creating extended characters:

The United States-International keyboard layout assigns new functions to the right ALT key (the ALT key on the right side of the keyboard). Use the right ALT key in combination with other keys to create extended characters.

Note: After the US-International Keyboard is activated, I have experienced a "quirk" regarding the single and double quote marks, i.e., after pressing a quote key, it is necessary to type a following non-vowel letter or space for the quote to appear! A little bit of practice and checking the text on the screen will assist you a great deal.