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1947/12/25 My interest in model trains began before I first asked for a train set. I finally received my Marx O-27 train set for Christmas 1947! I have varied between very active, semi-active, and dormant in pursuing my interest in model trains ever since that first train set.
1950/00/00 Early 50s, I bought an HO scale lumber car kit and a short piece of HO track. The assembly was a great experience and I pushed the car up and down the track! Because I am a pack rat and seldom get rid of anything, I sometimes wonder whatever became of that lumber car.
1960/00/00 Early 60s, I began collecting N scale.
197?/00/00 Early member of N-TRAK and another Bay Area N scale club.
197?/00/00 At my home in Martinez, CA, I created an around the room N scale track (not a layout) to see how long a train I could get to run. If I recall correctly, I managed to have a train running with more than 100 cars!
198?/00/00 Member of a short lived N scale club in the San Diego area.
198?/00/00 Continued to collect N scale especially from close out sales at various toy shops especially Mini City.
198?/00/00 Bought a few HO scale locomotives.
199?/00/00 Bought the program TrainCat to catalog my N scale collection. The program was adequate but support was discontinued and I can no longer access the data.
199?/00/00 Joined the Poway Station (a multi-scale modular train club but basically HO). Began intensive collecting HO instead of N.
199?/00/00 Bought some G scale and O scale including an MTH Triplex!
2010/12/27 Although I continue to be a member of Poway Station and the Nation Model Railroad Association (N.M.R.A.). I have been basically inactive for a several years due our health problems. But I hope to become active again in the future.

2015/10/13: I let my memberships expire some time ago.