My Latin Music Collection (LMC) began in the late 1950s and continues to grow. It contains CDs, LPs, videos, and books and includes many audio samples from my collection and some pertinent pictures and images. In the future, video samples may also be included. Some additional recordings are included in my musical autobiography.

My LMC is contained in three catalogs: Audio_Collection, Video_Collection and Annotated Collection.

The Audio catalog does not currently include  my Latin LPs, 45s, and cassettes but many Latin LPs/45s/videos/cassettes are listed in the Annotated_Collection list and this list will hopefully be condensed to only include items with my personal comments and/or audio links, LPs, Videos, and Instructional Materials.

Drumming Stuff includes Conga & Bongo, Timbale, & Drum Set Techniques, Patterns, Tuning, Hints, ETc.