First, a brief history of my programming/analysis background:

The Web Development Pages contain information regarding the development of this site as well as some of my experiences with FrontPage, Expression Web, HTML, CSS,  XHTML, HTML5 conversions and other techniques.

This site was originally created using MS FrontPage. I progressivly upgraded to MS Expression Web 4.

Although Expression Web 4 is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is available as a free download and is still used by many developers.

Over time, I modified the original FrontPage HTML 4.01 code to be HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.

Beginning in 2014/08, I began to change the site using Progressive Enhancement techniques to improve browser/device compatibility/accessibility.

The development history and techniques, as well as some useful PHP functions I have developed may be seen on the Web Development Techniques & Site Status History page.

1999/00/00 Beginning around the end of 1999, I initially developed this site on my PC running Windows P/SE/ME and using MicroSoft FrontPage (FP) without using HTML directly. Some time after Microsoft discontinued FP, I replaced FP with Microsoft Expression Web 2 (EW2) and later with Expression Web 3 (EW3) followed by Expression Web 4 (EW4). I eventually installed Windows 7 when MicroSoft discontinued support for Windows XP.
1999/00/01 As I read the EW documentation and bought a few books about EW, I realized that I should update my site to be HTML 4.01 Strict compliant and to remove the FP "bots" and other special FP and Microsoft extensions. While trying to upgrade my site I discovered that I had to learn, at least, some basic HTML and CSS, so I bought a some books about HTML and CSS. I then converted the site to XHTML 1.0 Strict code and transferred my site from a Windows server to a Unix server to allow use of PHP and eventually of MySQL. Again, I bought some books regarding the new (to me) aspects of web site design. During these learning processes, I also used Google Search to look for answers and techniques, I continue to use Google search quite a bit.
2011/01/10 I have done no testing with Apple Mac but, as of today, no one has reported any problems.
2010/07/06 The site is now XHTML 1.0 Strict! I have removed the use of <embed> automatic audio until I can determine how to do it while remaining XHTML 1.0 Strict.
2010/12/18 There are now some XHTML 1.0 Strict incompatibilities in old pages which have been URL redirected to new pages. The old page links will be maintained for a while to allow links in search engines to continue to work.
2011/06/14 During the past year or so, I have completed making all pages XHTML 1.0 Strict except for the packaged Submit Comments pages which are HTML 4.01 Transitional.
2011/09/25 Having reworked the site, all pages now validate as HTML5 and CSS3!
2014/08/00 Beginning to convert site using Progressive Enhancement techniques to make site more useable on all browsers and on all devices including mobile devices.
2014/12/31 Not sure of actual date but site now works properly on all modern browsers and devices!