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I played congas and then drums for several months at a Mexican restaurant with a keyboard player. I played for free meals/drinks/shared-tips. I was there a couple of nights a week as my time allowed, although the keyboard player played 5 or 6 nights. I played with him until he was asked one night by some customers what night the drummer would be there so they could come on that night! After that, no sharing of tips, no calls, and, shortly thereafter, I got the hint and quit going to play!


Mary early 1980s
1982/06/30 Divorced from Carlynne A Reed (Blaisdell).

Married to Patricia Susan Dove.


I started playing drums with a country trio, Flat Rock. Wayne Walker is the husband of a co-worker of mine at UCSD. Flat Rock increased to a quartet after Doc left the band. I played with Flat Rock for about 8? years. No charts but lots of rehearsals. Playing with Flat Rock is where I discovered a way to fake a Cajun beat which has proven to be useful for several other types of rhythms.

Flat Rock:

  • Wayne Walker, leader, vocals, guitar
  • Dennis "Doc" Gilbert, vocals, bass
  • Califa, drums

Later, Valerie Alean joined us on guitar and vocals; when Doc left, Valerie switched to bass; and later Lenny Arnoth joined the band on guitar and vocals.

Anecdote: One night when playing at a VFW Hall in Santee, Wayne who often did a bit of a Leon Redbone imitation in one of the tunes, did not do the imitation, and I for some reason did a minute or so of a pretty good "Leon Redbone", my first and last solo vocal. I did, however, frequently sing some bass background. And for some unknown reason, I was able to sing the middle harmony in La Bamba even though I could not usually sing harmony without being "pulled off" by the lead!

Tunes from a 1989/03/28 demo tape on which Flat Rock (Wayne, Doc, Valerie, and myself) backed up Carol Stebbie, a female vocalist with whom Wayne used to work. The recording was done cold (we just got there and played with no rehearsing and the miking was only so so) and is definitely not an example of our and especially not of my best drumming but I have included them because they are the only recordings I have of the group. The demo tape was to be sent to Nashville: Bobby_McGee and Heartaches_By_The_Dozen

1994 L-R: Valerie, Califa, Lennie, Wayne.

1991/04/?? L-R: Lennie, Valerie, Califa, Wayne.

1991/04/?? L-R: Valerie, Califa (back), Wayne, Lennie.

Around this time I also took a class or two on psychic healing at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in San Diego.

See Spiritual Quest(s) & Other Weird Stuff.


I was raised to the degree of Master Mason. Shortly thereafter, I passed through the degrees of the York Rite and the Scottish Rite.

2009/10/22 After several years of being inactive due to work and health. I eventually allowed my memberships to lapse.