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I recall eating several times at a Chinese restaurant (most likely Cantonese) once in a while probably during the early to mid 1940s because I also remember taped car headlights to prevent headlights from showing up in the air...air raid protection! All I remember were the LARGE fried shrimp with catsup and Chinese mustard (although I do not remember if I ate the mustard)! Of course, I was small so it is definitely possible that the shrimp were not really that LARGE!


My first year of college at Loyola University, Los Angeles, all I did was eat at the cafeteria and heat canned food in the dorm except for Chinese food cooked illegally in the dorm by a Chinese student.

I also had my first Korean meal when my best friend, Paul Wan-Soon Kim, a Korean senior, took me to a Korean woman's home where she cooked home style meals for Korean that time, there were no Korean markets or groceries in L.A.!!!!

mid 1960s

I ate Chinese food at a restaurant in S.F. China town with my compadre, Harold Martin, several times a week after playing music in San Jose.

I also had my first experiences with sushi! First, a Japanese man from Hawaii opened a cafe across the street from where I lived and I discovered inari-zushi...big handful sushi...2 for $ .25!

I thought this was sushi, so a couple of years later after the cafe had been closed, I got a craving for inari-zushi so I stopped at a Japanese restaurant/sushi-bar and ordered 10 or so pieces to go. When I got home, there were no inari-zushi...just raw fish, squid, octopus, etc...I was disappointed but I ate it all any way!

I also had my first frog legs...Chinese style take-out from a restaurant just up the street from where I lived. Fantastic!

mid 1970s

Probably when I first began cooking Chinese. Among the first Chinese cookbooks I remember and still have, although published in 1970s, were:

  • "Cook at Home in Chinese" by Henry Low
  • "The Wok - a Chinese Cook Book" by Gary Lee
  • "Madame Wu's Art of Chinese Cooking" by Sylvia Wu

I mainly shopped at stores in Oakland's China Town where I also bought my first wok which I still have and keep well seasoned and my big aluminum Chinese steamer. In addition to various groceries and teas, I also bought various raw dim sum to steam at home on a regular basis.

I cooked Chinese virtually every day for about a year using those 3 cookbooks. And I had a looo pot on the burner simmering for most of that time. During my Chinese year of cooking, I did whole chickens...boiled, honeyed and air-dried.

2016/04/11: I cannot find any description of air-dried chicken the 3 cookbooks...can anyone provide me with a recipe or reference?

My wife and I ate Chinese dishes with steamed rice almost every night and lost weight!


Ate lunch frequently at Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants with co-workers.

Also ate at Edwin Schumacher's restaurant on a regular basis and once a month for a special fixed menu gourmet meal. I got to know him quite well and he allowed me to do some prep work in his kitchen. I had watched him make a zabaglione, and one night at home, I got a craving for it. I made it from memory, but because my oven was broken, I cooked it in a microwave came out very good except for the merengue which was like rubber smiley face

late 2000s

After my retirement, I began Asian cooking again and eating at Asian restaurants on a regular basis. Started building up my Asian Cookbook Collection.


Began cataloging my Asian & Chinese cookbook collections. This is a continuing project.